Monday, October 13, 2014

Adventurers in Lager

I suppose I wasn't the first one to notice this,, but when my wife brought these home last month I thought they looked, well, designed for Dungeons and Dragons.

This is a group of beers by Samuel Adams:

We have the lady in white, Noble Pils, who looks like she would make a good cleric.

Next is the green clad man with the hops on his chest and the crown, Double Pilsner.  Looks like a king, guess he'd be a fighter or paladin.

Then there is Samuel Adams in an outfit that reminds me of Han Solo.  I suppose he could be a ranger, fighter or thief.

Then there is the Vixen, top right.  Definitely a thief.

Double Black is the wizard  and the guy in red with the horns also has a kickass name, Hellesbock.  Has to be a fighter of some sort.

Makes a great adventuring party and something to enjoy at your game.

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