Saturday, October 18, 2014


12 SECOND GAME ROOM. The set up of this room is very similar to that of Room 11, complete with the four candelabras and man sitting at a chess table. This magic-user is Angrogar, and he is facing east.

Angrogar the Believable, Neutral Evil male human magic-user (AC 10; MV 12”; MU4; hp 10; #AT 1; D Dagger; SA Spell use; S 13, I 15, W 11, D 9, C 9, Ch 13; XP 215)

First Level Magic user Spells:
Affect Normal Fires, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages

Second Level Magic User Spells:
Fool's Gold, Invisibility

Angrogar looks like he is about 60 years old. He is rough-appearing, disheveled, and unshaven. He wears open-toed sandals and a tattered gray smock tied at the waist with a dirty piece of rope. Angrogar is a dedicated liar. He enjoys lying to people just to see their reaction. Stoff Juff is well aware of Angrogar's tendency and tends to ignore most of what he says. He is somewhat overbearing and likes to voice his own opinion while ignoring those of others.

He has a large sack in which he keeps several spell components and other items. The first item in the sack is a small felt bag which is filled with cotton and holds a prism of glass for the read magic spell. A second felt bag holds 21 copper pieces and 2 silver spanners. Next he has has an amber gemstone worth 100 gold crescents. Finally he has seven labeled metal containers resembling test tubes:

Charm bird”
Potion of animal control (avian) blue, tastes of cheese
Charm man”
Potion of human control (elves, half-elves and humans) green and white striped, tastes of water
Fighting man strength”
Potion of super-heroism,orange, tastes of pumpkin juice
an eyelash encased in a piece of gum-arabic, useful for the invisibility spell
Potion of levitation, orange, tastes of brine
Sea salt for the comprehend languages spell
Soot for the comprehend languages spell

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