Sunday, October 5, 2014


AA ROYAL BEDCHAMBER. Guarded by two zombies, the queen sits upon a chair made of human femurs stitched together with wire, her pet rat rests upon her lap. She caresses and croons softly to it. It calms her.

Hilgreta, Brown Ratkin, The Rat Queen (AC 6; MV 12”//6”; HD 3+4; hp 22; #AT 1 bite; D 1-4; SA Spell-like abilities, disease; SD Resistant to normal weapons; XP 263)

Pet Albino Zombie Giant Rat (AC 7; MV 12"//6"; HD 1; hp 5; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA Disease; XP 19)

2 Brown Ratkin Zombies (AC 7; MV 6”; HD 3; hp 19, 11; #AT 1 bite; D 1-8; SA Disease, always lose initiative; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 95, 74)

Hilgreta is thin to the point of being skeletal, her flesh and fur clinging to her frail-appearing limbs and ribs. In reality, she carries something unnatural about her, almost as if she was one of the undead. She wears a white gown and has a silver tiara set with emeralds (1, 500 gold crescent value). She holds a white scepter of alien metal (140 gold crescent value to a sage only). She has several special abilities:

  • Weapon Resistance: She takes only 1 point of damage, plus strength bonuses, from normal weapons. Silver, black iron, or magic weapons affect her normally.

  • Contact Other Plane: Hilgreta can communicate with the negative material plane once per month, as if using the magic-user spell contact other plane.

  • Animate Dead: Once per day, Hilgreta may animate dead, as if she were a 9th level magic-user. She will use this ability to re-animate rats or ratkin killed as the result of player character depredation.

  • Curse: Usable once every three rounds, she may issue a curse, affecting all living beings within earshot. The victims must save versus spells or suffer one of the following:


Blurred vision. -2 on all “to hit” rolls
Violent retching. Lose 1d3 hit points immediately, lose another 1 hit point per day until cured or perish
Clumsiness. Must save vs petrification every round to avoid dropping weapon, wand, etc.
Uncontrollable screaming. Can't cast spells with verbal component. Can't surprise monsters with sense of hearing. Double chances of random encounters. Doesn't scream if asleep or knocked unconscious.
Second head. A giant rat's head grows from your neck and starts biting you. Attacks as a ½ hit die monster for 1 point of damage per attack. Can be chopped off, doing 1-4 points of damage to you.
Stone limb. 1d4 (1= right arm, 2 = right leg, 3 = left arm, 4 = left leg)
Voices. They talk to you constantly, distracting you and telling you horrid things. Attacks are at -1 to hit. Spells have an additional 15% chance of failing.
Unfavorable aura. Al reaction rolls will be made at -25%. Merchants will overcharge you by 50% if they think they can get away with it.
Lethargy. Character is slowed.
Footprints. Character leaves behind bright neon-colored foot prints that don't fade for several hours. Easy to track, double chance of random encounters.
Mundanity. No magic items will work for you.
Excessive salivation. Lose 1 hit point now and another hit point every day due to dehydration until cured.

Curses will last until removed with a remove curse spell.

The room is draped in sheets of purple. Candelabras provide sufficient lighting. There is a huge bed near the south wall, a wardrobe near the east wall, and four large wooden crates near the west wall.

The wardrobe holds white and purple gowns, robes, and cloaks, sized to fit the queen. Two of the crates hold purple candles, one holds tinder, flint and steel, and the last is actually a folding boat. The command words are written invisibly on the surface: “klaatu”, “barada”, and “nikto”.

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