Friday, November 27, 2015


39 ROOM OF THE STATUE. This room is inhabited by 3 wax golems who wear black iron plate mail armor and are armed with black iron broadswords. Their faces resemble human skulls so they resemble animated skeletons.

3 Wax Golems (AC 3; MV 6”; HD 4; hp 15 each; #AT 1; D Black iron broad sword; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 145 each)

The floor is tiled in diagonal gray and green tiles. There are three continual light globes suspended from the ceiling, which is of dull gray stone and has a height of twenty feet.

The truncated passage to the east contains a jade and silver ring valued at 200 gold crescents hidden among the rubble. This area was once a passage to Room 44 before a localized collapse.

The archway to the south is obstructed by a three faced, three legged, and three armed marble Triskelion statue. Two of the faces are scowling (north and east) and one is crying (west). Two of the hands hold a nine tailed whip and a sword. The last (central) is empty. If the staff from Room 55 is placed within the hand, the north looking face will change to a laughing visage (while the adventurers aren't looking). The statue will scuttle forward three steps allowing entrance to the alcove behind it.

Within the alcove is a stone sarcophagus containing 213 gold crescents and a pouch of gems (eight carnelian, 50 gold crescents each, and four yellowish pink pearls, 200 gold crescents each).

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