Saturday, November 7, 2015


26 A DESERT SCENE. The floor is sand instead of paved stone and in the center of the ceiling is a hemispherical glass sphere upon which a continual light spell has been placed. On the floor are numerous miniaturized stone buildings and pyramids, constructed and maintained by normal sized ants (the structures are pyramids, not pit traps in this room). A tiny river winds through the area (the gray line) and the walls and ceiling are painted sky blue, with additional painted mountains decorating the walls, giving the impression of a majestic valley.

The largest pyramid (Area A) stands about five and a half feet tall at the apex. Below it lives the ant's god, an ankheg.

Ankheg (AC Overall 2, Underside 4; MV 12” (6”); HD 4; hp 16; #AT 1 bite; D 3-18 (+ 1-4); SA Squirt acid for 8-32; XP 149)

The ants have buried tribute to the ankheg in the form of 1001 gems (base value 1 gold crescent) under the second largest pyramid (Area B, about three feet high at apex).

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