Friday, November 6, 2015


25 PAINTING OF THE PRINCE. The whole room is illuminated but it is impossible to tell where the soft purple-red light comes from. The pillars are of a heavy purple rock, veined with white. A large portrait of a smiling young nobleman hangs in the center of the east wall, flanked by rich purple drapes. A small cushioned seat rests before the painting, holding a small wooden box.

From far away the painting looks inviting, the man has a charming smile and dashing good looks. However, anyone who approaches the painting will begin to feel more and more apprehensive as they near it. Instead of a friendly face the smile appears to become more and more sinister and cruel. What seems to be a smile looks more like a grimace, and then more like a snarl. When they approach to within fifteen feet of the painting individuals must save versus spells or be subject to a fear spell as cast by a twelfth level magic user. Closing to within five feet requires an immediate system shock survival roll or the person will faint from fright. They will remain unconscious until 1 turn after their still form is pulled from the room. In any case, henchman, hirelings, familiars, and other non-player characters will not willingly approach the thing (monsters also avoid the thing like the plague).

Those of stout heart who get a good look at the painting will notice the man wears a bizarre amulet about his neck, with the shape of a miniature doll's face, its eyes gouged out. The painting is not labeled, but has been signed by Patrizio Triskelion.

The box is in itself a prize, made of rare wood and fitted together without nail or tack. It is a puzzle box and for the craftsmanship alone it is worth 250 gold crescents. It requires at least an intelligence of 6 to attempt to open it. Trying to solve the box takes the following amount of time, based on intelligence score:

6 to 8
5 to 20 rounds
9 to 11
4 to 16 rounds
12 to 14
3 to 12 rounds
15 to 17
2 to 8 rounds
18 and up
1 to 4 rounds

The box will resist attempts to open it, small pins and spikes will slide out from irregular areas on its surface, causing 1 hit point of damage per round spent trying to open the box. It is impossible to open it wearing gloves, gauntlets, etc. but it may be smashed (however, this also makes the box worthless). When the box is opened, it will reveal the Amortic Amulet.

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