Wednesday, November 11, 2015


30 CREEPY ROOM. There is a round glass window in the door to this room. Anyone who looks through it into the room sees a strange looking crone in a black shawl spinning by candlelight. Her arms and legs are much too long and skinny and her head is overlarge. If the room is opened, the crone and spinning wheel are nowhere in sight, although the candle gives off an eerie glow. Adventurers will feel uneasy in this room and hirelings and henchmen will require morale checks to go inside. If the candle is removed from the room, the vision of the crone will not reappear, but the offender is cursed with painful boils and is at -4 to hit, damage, and saving throws until a remove curse or similar spell is applied by a cleric of at least seventh level and of good alignment.

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