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34G SECOND TREASURE ROOM. This room is guarded by a wax golem. Its body resembles Paozo Triskelion's, complete with black robes with red “Paozo” embroidery. However, the face appears to be partially melted and there is no hair on the head.

Wax Golem (AC 10; MV 12”; HD 7; hp 30; #AT 1; D 1-8; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 590)

The room holds a large chest and a filing cabinet.

The chest is unlocked but trapped. If the trap is not found and disarmed it will cause a highly caustic, vile-smelling, and sticky substance to foul the opener's hands. This goo will cause 1d4 points of damage immediately and another 1 point of damage each hour for 24 hours unless removed by holy water or alcohol. Those affected by the substance will be at -4 on 'to hit' rolls and suffer -20% to thief skills involving the hands (and other applicable skills, as per Dungeon Master fiat). It holds the following items:

  • Five gems (four chrysoberyls, valued at base 100 gold crescents, and one peridot valued at base 500 gold crescents)
  • A Manual of Flesh Golems
  • A heavy book which is a history of a gigantic graveyard dating from the times of the Jalluxian Empire. This tome is bound in human skin with actual human vertebrae strung together with catgut to form the spine. Its yellowed pages also hold all the spells that Paozo has memorized along with Continual Light and Legend Lore.

The filing cabinet holds 24 drawers. Many are empty but some hold spell components:
  • A large circular clear crystal embedded in an iron ring
  • Dozens of short glass rods
  • Fragments of mica
  • Hundreds of white feathers
  • Large numbers of walnut shells, each cut neatly in half
  • Licorice root
  • Lumps of coal
  • Powdered iron
  • Powdered silver (25 gold crescents worth)
  • Several fingers wrapped in gauze, poorly preserved
  • Several small dried bats, it is clear someone has been pulling their fur off
  • Shards of human bone
  • Thirteen stoppered metal test tubes, each holding human blood and giant leech-based anticoagulant

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