Saturday, November 14, 2015


33 VIVISECTIONIST'S OFFICE. Inside this room are eight animated skeletons. A bizarre cosmetic embellishment has been applied to the undead monsters Each has been given wax facial features and they all look like Paozo Triskelion (middle aged human male with messy black hair and a crazed and wild-eyed expression upon the face). 

8 Skeletons (AC 7; MV 12"; HD 1; hp 8 each; #AT 1; D Dagger; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 22 each) 

Any adventurer who has seen the picture of Paozo in Room 22 of the First Floor of the Inner Ward will be able to recognize that the figures bear the same likeness. Each skeleton wears black robes with Paozo's name sewed into the garment in red thread. 

A large desk against the south wall holds dozens of large sealed glass jars. Most of the glass jars hold human organs and other body parts, but two large ones stand out. One holds a long gray worm and the other a fetal goat, each in alcohol. 

If the jar holding the worm is smashed or otherwise opened, the occupant will quickly grow in size, becoming as large as a giant constrictor snake within a matter of moments and attack viciously. 

Gray Worm (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 6+1; hp 25; #AT 1 constrict; D 2-8; SA Constriction; XP 425) 

If the goat's jar is treated the same way, it will also quickly mature and become the size of a giant goat. It will fanatically serve the one who released it, as steed or to help fight. 

Giant Goat (AC 7; MV 18”; HD 3+1; hp 17; #AT 1 butt; D 2-16; SA Charge (+4 to hit, 6-20); XP 153) 

The desk has one drawer which is empty, but has a false bottom. The mechanism releasing the false bottom is trapped with a gas canister. If it is triggered it will release its poisonous contents, causing 1d6+4 points of damage to every person with ten feet (save vs poison for half damage). Within this hide-space are several Jalluxian coins (166 copper galleons, 345 silver stars, and 18 golden dragons) and a ruby with worth 500 gold crescents. 

The secret door is a sliding wall type. It is mechanically triggered by putting pressure on a portion of the floor adjacent to the secret door.

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