Friday, November 6, 2015


This strange item is meant to be worn on a chain or cord about the neck. The amulet has the shape of a tiny porcelain doll face, its eyes are noticeably missing, and appear to have been removed by violence. The possessor can perform the following magic, once each per day, as a 14th level magic-user:

  • Animate dead (1 skeleton or zombie only)
  • Charm person
  • Fear
  • Ignore damage or consequence taken from any one attack (including spells or effects that affect the individual but that do not do damage, such as turn to stone, fear, polymorph, disintegrate, etc.)
  • Speak with the dead

Whenever a power is used, the user must make a saving throw versus spells at -2. If the role is failed, one of the following side effects will occur:

Side Effect
All creatures friendly to the user within 30 feet will automatically take 1d4 hit points of damage (no save).
3 to 4
Any artificial natural light (torches, lanterns) in 30 feet is extinguished, magical light dims to 50% for one hour.
5 to 6
All holy water within 10 feet becomes polluted.
The doll's face bleeds from its eyes.
8 to 9
A hand shaped bruise appears on the users right arm.
10 to 11
Roll 1d6, User coughs up 1 = blood, 2 = live maggots, 3 = rat embryos, 4 = a cursed scroll, 5 = an eyeball, 6 = mummified toad
A tattoo of a sad eyeless doll's face appears on the users back, it is beautifully rendered.

If the user ever accumulates six tattoos on his or her back, the amulet will disappear to another treasure vault in another dungeon, waiting to be found again.


GP VALUE: 20,000

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