Monday, July 14, 2014


64 DYER. Two barrels stand in the southwest corner. More than two dozen large glass jars are near the west wall. There are twelve large vats, a few dozen buckets and several stirring sticks. A pump faucet is against the south wall and the stone floor is equipped with drains in case of spills. Clotheslines stretch across the room.

The barrels contain tannic acid and alum for use as a mordant. The glass jars hold colored extracts made from sassafras, oak bark, walnut, madder, weld, indigo, beets, logwood and various berries and leaves.

The skeletal corpse of a well-dressed man is curled up in the southwest corner behind one of the vats. A hand axe is buried in his back. He wears an ivory brooch valued at 100 gold crescents and he has a pouch containing 8 gold crescents and 21 silver spanners.

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