Saturday, July 26, 2014


9 STORAGE ROOM. This large room is has a vaulted ceiling like Room 4. The apex height is eleven feet and the height at the edges is seven feet. A large hole is in the southwest corner wall, about three feet off the floor. This room is crowded with hundreds of smashed and intact barrels and crates. Hiding in the mess are a pair of giant poisonous snakes.

2 Giant Poisonous Snakes (AC 5; MV 15”; HD 4+2; hp 18, 17; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA Poison; XP 255, 250).

The bite is each snake is only weakly poisonous, causing an extra 2d4 damage, reduced by half if a saving throw versus poison is successful. Anyone suffering from the effects of the poison feels warm, as if flushed. The snakes are used to hunting rats in the rubbish and are at +2 to hit in this room only. Everyone else attacks at -4. The snakes will not reveal themselves unless the adventurers start moving across the room, from one exit to another. The snakes will then strike, possibly isolating a victim.

The area is so crowded that anyone attempting to walk through it does so at 1/3 their normal movement rate. Flyers can move normally. The snakes can also move at their normal rate.

In addition to the empty and broken containers, there are six huge wheels of cheese near the south wall. These have attracted the giant rats which the snakes feed upon. The cheese has been gnawed upon by generations of rats and is not fit for human consumption. The hole in the southwest wall leads to the Rat Warrens, Area I.

A pile of rat bones and snake excrement is in the northeast corner. Among the detritus is the remains of a dwarf. There is a black leather pouch holding 54 copper ganes, 7 silver khurams, 2 electrum lugdushes, 3 gold mabans, and 3 amethysts (base value 100 gold crescents). He wore chain armor and used a battleaxe. The armor is useless but the battleaxe is still in good shape.

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