Thursday, July 31, 2014


14 STORAGE ROOM. The room height is ten feet. The room is crowded with shelves, crates, and casks.

The concealed door to the north is miniature (four feet high by two and a half feet wide. It is not secret, but merely hidden behind a stack of crates. The casks hold water, salt beef, salt pork, salt mutton, salt cod, apples, pears, dried peas, and dried figs. The crates hold potted hare, haunch of deer in honey, pickled cabbage, pickled beets, pickled onions, pickled eggs, and pickled herring. The shelves hold bags of walnuts, bags of chestnuts, bags of almonds, and planks of dry smoked salmon. 

Vicenne Triskelion uses this room as his larder and all of the food is in good condition. There is enough food and water here to feed forty people (or hobgoblins) for about six months.

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