Sunday, July 13, 2014


63 TRADE ROOM. The center of the room is occupied by a bizarre green tentacled monstrosity.

Green Goon Monster (AC 6, MV 3”; HD 4+3; hp 22; #AT 5 Tentacles; SA Grab; D 2-5 each; Size L; XP 290)

This creature is capable of attacking up to five different opponents in one round and its extendable tentacles can reach to all corners of the room. If it hits one man-sized or smaller opponent with two or more tentacles, then it has grabbed the victim and it will bring it towards it central maw in the next round, where it will be automatically bitten for 2-9 points of damage per round.

The hit points given above are for the body only. The tentacles can be attacked individually. Each has an AC of 5 and takes 8 points of damage to sever.

Three stained glass windows with scenes of craftsmen at work are in the south wall. This room was used for transactions when the castle's craftsmen bought supplies from traveling merchants and fragments of smashed furniture litter the floor.

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