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62 CANDLE MAKER AND SOAP MAKER. The door to this room is obstructed by a large barrel of metal molds and a successful 'open doors' roll is required to force it open.

Near the west wall are eight wooden crates of varying sizes. There are four large work tables. An oven and four glass windows are to the south. Two huge vats are filled with (now solid) red and white wax. The walls hold abundant shelf space. Scattered about the room are strings used for dipping wicks, metal pouring pots, barrels of lye and ashes, and glass jugs of olive oil. Knives and metal rods are hanging from racks against the west wall.

Hiding behind one of the crates is an elf magic user.

Rosalba, Chaotic Good female elf magic-user (AC 7; MV 12”; MU 2; hp 2 (normally 6); #AT 1; D Magic dagger or dart; S 8, I 16, W 15, D 16, C, 9 CH 17; XP 41 (normally 108))

Rosalba has a dagger +1, +2 vs. creatures smaller than man-sized and seven darts. She has a pouch containing 18 silver tamos and 16 silver spanners. She wears a ring of protection +2, but has used up all of her spells. She wears a backpack containing her spellbook (Burning Hands, Dancing Lights, Magic Missile, Read Magic), a half-full waterskin, and six days worth of iron rations. Her pouch holds a clear piece of crystal used for the Read Magic spell and seven twigs of wytchwood for the Dancing Lights spell.

Rosalba belongs to the same adventuring party as Obel Knacktha and the others. If she recognizes any of her party members (Alara, Barca, or Faldo) she will emerge to greet them. Otherwise she will attempt to observe the party before deciding whether to trust them and make herself known.

The crates contain the following contents:
1: 124 bars of purple colored rose petal soap
2: 49 bars of lavender soap
3: 231 bars of greasy white soap
4: 73 bars of mixed types of fragrant soaps
5: 412 white candles
6: 154 white candles
7: 415 red candles
8: 212 time-keeping candles marked by the hour, each will last for one day

The work tables hold bronze molds for making candles and soap.

The shelves hold fragrances (flowers, spices, and honey) and different colored powders.

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