Friday, July 11, 2014


61 GLASS BLOWER AND POTTER. This room served both the glass blowers and potters who were employed by the Triskelions. The west portion of the room was used by the glass blowers. There are three wooden work tables. A large furnace and cooling oven are in the northwest corner.

Examining the glass blower's work tables reveals enamels for the making of stained glass and tools such as blocks, paddles, and blowpipes. Pots of white sand, lime, and soda ash are present. Finished glass products include mirrors, drinking glasses, stained and plain glass panels, and wine bottles.

On the eastern side there are four large work tables used by the potters. A kiln (fifteen feet by ten feet by ten feet tall) is in the northeast corner. The east wall is lined by shelves.

Two of the potters' tables are equipped with wheels, while the other two were used for building clay by hand. The tools in this area include needles, wires, brushes, calipers, knives, scrapers, and various modeling tools. There is an abundant supply of towels and firm leather rags. Basins were used for holding water and pump faucets are in the north wall. Pots of glazes occupy the shelves. About ninety pots, urns, and pitchers are here, along with seven large boxes of clay.

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