Friday, July 18, 2014

Encounter Key: Inner Ward The Cellars

The Cellars below the Inner Ward consist of a group of chambers, most of which were originally used as storage space. The walls and floors are of rough gray, brown, and black stone. In the narrow corridors, the marching order must change to single file. These rooms are fifteen feet below the Ground Level. Ceiling height is given in each keyed area while it is generally ten feet in the corridors. 

The Cellars directly connect to the Ground Level, the Sewers, and the Rat Warrens.

This sub-level serves as home to several factions. In addition to the Red Legs and Vicenne, there are two other factions which may be encountered here. The cellar dwellers can be found in Rooms 21 to 25. The brown ratkin and giant rats from the Rat Warrens do not live on this sub-level, but are often seen as they scavenge for food here. 

CELLAR DWELLERS: This race of vat creatures migrated to this sub-level from much deeper in the dungeon. They stay to the shadows, picking off lone humans or humanoids to bring back, study, torture, and eat. They deeply resent their outcast status and subconsciously desire to be accepted by their creator, Valerian Triskelion. For this reason the more powerful or dominant among them study other lifeforms and make surgical modifications to their bodies. Their pathological psychoses run deep, however, and so they hate real men and more favored vat creatures, even as they envy them. Their pride refuses to let them admit their racial longing and therefore they are deeply conflicted and violent creatures.

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