Tuesday, July 22, 2014


5 QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE. The door to this room is locked. This room appears cramped and the ceiling height is only seven feet. There is a large desk with accompanying chair, a key rack on the south wall near the door, a bookshelf filled with books on the east wall, and a large unlit candelabra.

The desk is rather plain and holds a wooden cup, several quill pens, and normal black ink. A drawer holds a piece of old bread about the size of a brick, which is so hard that it also feels like a brick. The chair is unremarkable.

The key rack holds the key to this room, the key to Room 7, the key to Room 8, the key to the locked door at Area 7 of The Sewers, and three other keys whose use has been forgotten.

The bookshelf holds red-bound ledgers decorated with the Triskelion crest. They are inventories of and requisitions for food and household supplies.

The candelabra holds six tall purple candles which give off the smell of lilac when lit.

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