Tuesday, July 29, 2014


12 ROOT CELLAR. This room has a ceiling height of eleven feet. Wooden rafters criss-cross at about ten feet and several strings of rotting onions and garlic dangle here. Wooden shelves line the north wall. There are swarms of large flies and a the room has an unpleasant small. A fireplace is against the south wall.

Bags of carrots, parsnips, radishes, and white and yellow turnips fill the shelves, but they are all rotten and turning to mush which is what is attracting the flies and causing the odor.

The fireplace has three vertical black metal levers on the outside, apparently to open and close the flue. All are in the 'down' position. What they actually do is open the secret door in the back of the fireplace. Putting any two of the levers in the 'up' position will cause the back of the fireplace to slide away to one side. The small corridor leading to Room 14 has a height of only four feet. The small door going into Room 14 is not concealed from this side.

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