Friday, October 4, 2013


1 ENTRANCE WAY. The entry way is approached by means of a sturdy wooden bridge over the outer trench. It is open to the elements and the cobblestones are littered with leaves, pebbles, bones, and pieces of trash. The outer doors have been forcibly removed and only the rusty hinges remain. A golden humanoid figure hangs by manacles above the archway leading into the castle proper. This undead creature is Armand Triskelion "The Golden Ghoul", a oracular gold-painted undead monster that resembles a ghoul.

Armand Triskelion, undead horror (AC 6; MV 0"; HD 5; hp 30; #AT 0; D Nil; SD +1 or better weapons to hit, regenerate 3 points/round; XP -)

Once a prince of the castle, he was mockingly painted in gold and left to rot after a dispute with other powerful inhabitants of the castle. Armand is cursed to always tell the truth, but he only answers in the shortest possible manner. He never volunteers information and his answers are often difficult to understand. He will never clarify answers that he gives. In short, he is cryptic and misleading. Nevertheless, Armand has an immense and inexplicable knowledge of the castle and dungeon.  Like his uncle Ambrogino, Armand was a devotee of Mordag, the God of Ghouls.

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