Friday, October 4, 2013

Brief History of Castle Triskelion

Castle Triskelion is a centuries old structure and the ancestral home of a wealthy and eccentric noble family, the Triskelions. Strangely enough, as well as being a residence, the Triskelions used the property as a prison for those many unfortunates who through ill-luck or crime aroused the anger of the inhabitants. 

The Triskelions ruled the neighboring territory as virtual despots, being by far the most powerful force in the region. The members of the Triskelion family were noted wizards and the local peasantry viewed them with superstitious dread. Following the collapse of the Jalluxian Empire several centuries ago, there arose many small and weak kingdoms: Fribourg, Sarcoy, Seals, and Wolhusen, among others. These monarchs were not capable of enforcing their will on the Triskelions, and indeed wished to avoid angering them altogether. Thus the Triskelions were free to engage in their mysterious pursuits unhindered.

In addition to their levies on the peasants, the Triskelions imported food and other raw resources into the castle in exchange for rare crafted items and expertly made tools. About three years ago, villagers from the nearby hamlet of Fostergaunt noticed that the merchants who had gone to trade with The Castle failed to return. An expedition was commissioned by the town elders and went to explore the cause. When the members of the expedition arrived at The Castle they found it dark and neglected. After seeing what was pinned to the wall at the main gate, they decided not to continue investigating. 

Some cataclysm.  Some horrid spell or experiment gone wrong must have caused this quick and utter fall. Without witnesses to speak of the event, the curious will have to explore The Castle themselves to find out the truth.

Since that time, bandits and other less savory things have stalked the vicinity of The Castle. Many brave bands of adventurers have sought their fortunes. Some returned with vast wealth, but most failed to return at all.

The Castle sits in the approach to the mountain range known as the Crim Zif, and it is about a two day journey from the nearest village, Fostergaunt. The nearest City is Sarcoy, about five days journey to the south of the village. The Castle is nestled among the lower peaks of the range, but immediately to the south there is forest, pasture-land, and some marshy areas. 

The above-ground structure of The Castle consists of two large portions, the Outer Ward to the east and the western Inner Ward. They are separated by a bridge over a swiftly flowing river which originates inside the mountain and which waterfalls into a small lake, there to continue and become a part of the River Aisling. Beyond the Inner Ward there are the pleasure gardens known as The Grounds. 

The Outer Ward is said to have four above-ground stories, as well as a lower level connected to the wooden stables. The Outer Ward was known for processing prisoners that would later be incarcerated in the dungeons below the Inner Ward. It contained a working tavern for visiting merchants and travelers and was also the site of a fantastic garden.

The Inner Ward served as the main residence of most Triskelion family members. It is a six story structure and is rumored to hold a gigantic banquet hall and an extraordinary library. Beneath the Inner Ward are the terrible dungeons where the unlucky and ill-favored were interned, tortured, or worse. 

It is thought there are at least ten level of dungeons beneath the Inner Ward. Here the Triskelions practiced their abominable sorceries and plotted against each other and their rivals in the world at large.

The Castle is currently inhabited by reckless bandits, foul humanoids, and perhaps surviving member of the Triskelion family. It is most certainly a place when many adventurers perish, but the fabled magical and worldly treasures of the Triskelions

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