Tuesday, October 29, 2013


27 SERVING ROOM. This room served as a place to keep food, before moving it to Room 35. Two pump faucets are against the east wall, one is painted blue and the other red. There are several solid wooden tables and cabinets. A large sack of sugar has spilled on the floor and scores of normal ants are present. A barrel marked by a painted black 'X' is in the northeast corner.

The faucets once provided cold and hot water, but are now dry.

Searching the cabinets will reveal a keg of sour wine, two small sacks of sea salt, and wooden cutlery.

The barrel marked 'X' contains wads of cotton. If it is searched, adventurers will discover a small bag of purple velvet. Inside is a bottle of excellent brandy worth 20 gold crescents. Wrapped around it is a thin gold chain valued at 8 gold crescents. Also in the bag is a small brass mood ring which turns black when the wearer is frightened, red when the wearer is angry, yellow when the wearer is happy, and white when the wearer is sleeping.

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