Friday, October 4, 2013

Approach to the Castle

Castle Triskelion can be reached from the south by travel through a heavily forested region, though the road is well-made and has seen much travel.

About four miles from The Castle the way becomes a steeply ascending dirt road that travels through a fairly broad mountain pass. About a mile from The Castle, the pass narrows greatly and a ten foot high wall has been erected between the rising cliffs on either side. Two small towers are on either side of a fifteen-foot broad gate. The gate is made of wrought iron and is easily opened. From here the road changes from dirt to paved stone and the ascent is slightly less challenging.

As one approaches The Castle, the path forks and one part leads to the burned remains of the stables. The entrance to Room 8 of the Lower Level of the Outer Ward is obscured due to the huge amounts of broken and blackened timbers. The outside of The Castle is unpainted and the walls are made of dressed light to dark gray stone. The windows of the first floor and the second floor are clearly visible and the easternmost two towers of the third floor are also clearly seen. The Ground Level is reached by means of a very gradual ramp, at the top of which is a broad and strong wooden bridge leading to the entrance way, Area 1 of the Ground Level. This is the most likely entry point for the adventurers.

To the north of the ramp, there is a patch of grassy meadow that curves around the castle, extending as far west as Room 19 of the Ground Level, before the mountainside rises.


  1. Neat start to your megadungeon. I'm curious to see what the various zones and levels within it consist of. Not asking for spoilers, but what are the main factions within the dungeon? Also, do you have any kind of overview for it?
    Most of the fan made megadungeons I've seen on the net usually peter out after awhile (I really miss James Malizewski's, I hope you are able extensively flesh it out.

  2. Well I already have hundreds of encounter areas so I should be able to go for a while. There is only one main faction in the Outer Ward, the Talon Goblins. There are two main factions in the Inner Ward, and there will be several more in the dungeons proper.