Tuesday, July 17, 2018


188 URINE THE WAY. This corridor terminates in a urinal. Flushing the urinal causes the following:

  • A stone wall will close, separating the last ten feet of the corridor from the rest. Any person in this last ten feet who wants to jump back into the rest of the corridor must make a saving throw vs petrification. If they fail, the are crushed by the wall for 4d10 damage.
  • This ten feet will then start moving south along the empty way shown on the map. After traveling about four miles it will ascend to the surface.
  • It ends up at an outhouse, which can be exited from normally.
  • After twenty four hours, the urinal and floor will retrace its steps to its starting position.
This whole thing was set up as an emergency escape system. There is a goat path that leads down to the dirt portion of the road leading to the Outer Ward.

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