Tuesday, July 24, 2018


7 GRAY ROOM. The keystone on the archway leading to this room is decorated with an anchor. The tiles on the floor and the stones of the walls and ceiling are dull gray. A small pile of garbage in the southeast corner holds rags, twigs, scraps of oily paper, and a crude wooden carved statue of a ship. If the ship is thrown into the pool in Room 6, it will expand to ten feet long and ten goblin pirates will disembark from a hatch, like clowns leaving a car.

8 Pirate Goblins (AC 6; MV 6”; HD 1-1; hp 5 each; #AT 1; D Scimitar; XP 15 each)

1 Pirate Goblin First Mate (AC 6; MV 6”; HD 1+1; hp 9; #AT 1; D Scimitar; XP 38)

1 Pirate Goblin Captain (AC 5; MV 6”; HD 2+1; hp 19; #AT 1; D Scimitar +1 due to strength; XP 92)

The goblin pirates are dressed elaborately with colorful bandanas and baggy pants. The captain has a massive hat, peg leg, heavy red coat, and stuffed parrot wired to his thick yellow cloth epaulette. They will serve the person who threw the ship in the pool permanently, but are subject to normal rules for retainers such as morale and loyalty.

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