Thursday, July 12, 2018


183 QUARANTINE QUARTERS. These Four Rooms A to D are furnished the same, each as a bed room with closet holding white paper clothing. All four doors are capable of being locked, but only C actually is so. It is also the only one with an occupant.

Lying on the bed in Room 183C is the statue of a man wearing only white paper clothing. This is actually a man turned to stone by one of the diseases kept in Room 184. The disease is communicable, anyone who touches the man must save vs petrification or turn to stone slowly over the next 2d12+24 hours. Any one wearing one of the white jumpsuits from Room 182 gets a +4 on their saving throw.

In the closet of Room 183C is a bag holding clothes, a crumpled white lab coat, 23 gold crescents, 6 silver spanners, and 86 copper pieces.

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