Thursday, July 5, 2018


176 LAUGHING LAIR. Thirty laughing Triskelions are here. One of the vat men is nine feet tall and remarkably well-muscled.

12 Normal Laughing Triskelions (AC 6 (8); MV 12"; HD 3; hp 14 each; #AT 1; D Broad sword X2, long sword X8, short sword X1, bastard sword X1; SA Berserk, never surprise; XP 77 each)

Huge Laughing Triskelion (AC 6 (8); MV 15”; HD 6; hp 28; #AT 1; D Two handed sword +6 due to strength; SA Berserk, never surprise; Size L; XP 318)

The vat men sit at a huge table. They are eating rations from the manna machine from Room 177. The food looks like red pumpkins which are eaten by slicing off the tops. Inside is a gray goo that is syrupy sweet. They drink what looks like green chalky milk in mugs.

The laughing Triskelions will be delighted to have guests. They will insist that adventurers sit down and eat with them, and will be offended if they do not. The food has unusual proteins and is not easily digested. Anyone who eats it must save vs poison or suffer incapacitating abdominal pain for the next 1d4+1 hours. Movement is lowered to base 3”, casting spells, fighting, and other adventuring activities such as thief skills is impossible.

If anyone eating with the laughing Triskelions suffers these symptoms, the vat men will offer their green beverages which they are sure is a tonic to all discomfort. If any non-vat creature drinks this stuff, they must save vs poison or vomit copiously then fall unconscious for 1d4+4 hours.

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