Wednesday, July 4, 2018


175 LAUGHING MENAGERIE. The laughing Triskelions have placed aberrant vat creatures here.They feed them, talk to them, and laugh at and with them.

Vat Bat (AC 8; MV 3”/18”; HD 1; hp 6; #AT 1 bite; D 1-4; SA Disease, never surpriseXP 16)

Vat Brown Bear (AC 6; MV 12”; HD 5+5; hp 28; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-6/1-6/1-8; SA Hugs: 2-12, never surprise; XP 468)

Vat Carrion Crawler (AC 3/7; MV 12"; HD 3+1; hp 16; #AT 8 tentacles; D Paralysis, never surprise; XP 644)

Vat Cockatrice (AC 6; MV 6”/18; HD 5; hp 21; #AT 1 beak; D 1; SA See below, never surprise; XP 350)

All have laughing Triskelion heads, average intelligence, and the ability to speak when not laughing. The carrion crawler type has weird pink tentacles like a moustache under its nose. The cockatrice type has weird tiny beak over its lips. Its touch does not turn to stone, instead the victim must save vs petrification or start laughing uncontrollably for 1d4 rounds then have a seizure and pass out for 1d4 hours.

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