Tuesday, July 10, 2018


181 GAS LEAK. A harsh and unpleasant smell assaults the nostrils of any person who opens the door. Three large canisters are standing near the north wall, each eight feet tall by six feet in diameter. Each is painted white with a red skull design prominently featured on its center. The body of a man in a white lab coat lies motionless on the floor.

The gas is poisonous. Unless the hatch or door used to enter the room is immediately closed, any person who inhales the poisonous air of this room must make two saving throws vs poison. If the first saving throw is failed, the person will fall unconscious for 1d10 hours. If the second saving throw is failed the person will die in 1d10 turns. People who fall unconscious must make another save vs poison or die every 2 rounds unless removed by someone else. People who die from this poison gas will have extreme muscular contractions of the facial muscles, giving them a horrific appearance in death.

If the hatch to the corridor 180 is left open in an attempt to vent the gas, every person must make one saving throw as the gas dissipates, then the air will be safe. If the door from Room 34 is used to vent the gas then what happens depends upon whether the other doors in that room are open or closed.

The left canister (west) has a leak in its side. It no longer holds poison gas. The other two canisters are still full of the deadly poison.

The body on the floor is a dead researcher. His face is distorted due to the poison into a terrible grin. In his coat are a purse of 55 gold crescents and he wears a medallion made of gold, platinum, and jet of a three legged Triskelion design worth 1000 gold crescents.

Next to the south door is a metal panel with two buttons: one marked 0 and one marked 1. If the code 100110 is entered the door to Room 34 will open. If the wrong code is entered the panel will give a shock for 1 point of damage.

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