Wednesday, December 28, 2016


8D ROOM OF THE WELL. A circular well (eight feet diameter) is in the center of the room. A heavy chain hangs from the twenty foot ceiling down into the well. At the bottom of the well (fifteen feet down) and tied up by the chain is a wooden chest (1000 gp weight). The chest fits snugly in its roost and requires quite a tug to unseat it.

If the chest is pulled out it will release thousands of tiny but ravenous moths which will proceed to eat all the clothing and paper that they can. The Dungeon Master will need to rule on the resistance of magical clothing and armor that relies on cloth straps to stay together. Paper scrolls or maps kept in sealed tubes are safe but others will be consumed. The moths can be deterred by intense flame or large amounts of smoke. The chest holds a small gold statue of a laughing Triskelion worth 1500 gold crescents.

The concealed door in the east wall looks just like normal wall, but is made of plaster papered over to look like stone.

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