Saturday, December 17, 2016


5Q SECRET ROOM. The short passage and Room 5Q are not lit and there are no windows. This is Wandra's secret treasure vault and holds the following items:

A gold bowl (value 200 gold crescents) holding 21 base 50 gold crescents gems of mixed types (bloodstones, carnelians, jasper, and sardonyx)

A wooden female shaped mannequin holding three necklaces of gold and silver (value 250, 350, and 400 gold crescents) and four gold rings decorated with semiperecious stones (worth 1d4X100 gold crescents each)

A lectern holding a cookbook “How to Serve Vegetable Man” with Wandra as the author. It is worth 3 gold crescents but if it is shown to a vegetable man they will immediately get a saving throw vs spells to throw off Wandra's influence.

A silver platter (worth 125 gold crescents) holding 213 silver spanners.

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