Tuesday, May 29, 2018


139 BLACK ROOM. This room is not lighted. The walls, floor, and ceiling are flat black. There is a large black table with a black metal chest under it.

The chest is locked and trapped. There is a needle trap that is easily found (+50% to find), but it is only a dummy and there is a second needle trap that must be disarmed separately. This is a poison needle (save or die) with death by poison occurring in 1d12 turns.

The chest holds four black metal thermoses and 7000 black coins (actually gold crescents painted black). The thermoses (labeled A, B, C, and D) hold potions (healing, poison, neutralize poison, and trollish regeneration). They all are black and bubbly, taste sweet and smell a bit acidic, like lemon.

There are two switches on the wall. If the first is thrown, it opens the curtain in Room 138 so the fan starts spinning. If the second is thrown, it causes invisible steps to emerge from the wall. The secret door is located ten feet above the floor and the steps lead to it. Note that though the steps are invisible, they will make a grinding sound as they exit the wall.

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