Tuesday, May 1, 2018


111 HOLDING PEN. This room holds a jail cell with horizontal metal bars. The door to the cell is also made of bars, and is locked. Inside are five unanimated human skeletons, but each missing its right hand. The room outside the cell is tiled in white, but the walls and floor of the cell are stone blocks.

The bars are electrified, touching them without a insulator will cause 1d4 damage or double that if a metal gauntlet or glove is used. The bones are unremarkable, but hidden in a crack in the stone wall is a leather scroll tube. Inside the tube is a treasure map to a buried treasure located 7 miles southeast of the castle.

If the treasure is dug up, there is a sturdy wooden chest holding the following:
  • 4567 Jalluxian gold dragons
  • 34 Jalluxian platinum imperials
  • eight garnets (base 100 gold crescents each)
  • a throwing axe +2
  • a lavender green ioun stone,
  • three labeled potions of extra-healing (green, taste and smell of mint)

Buried with the treasure are 4 withered husks.

4 Withered Husks (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 3+1; hp 20, 19, 16, 14;#AT 1; D 1-10; SA Fear; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 205, 201, 189, 181)

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