Tuesday, May 15, 2018


125 BODY STORAGE ROOM. Unless the adventurers are wearing protective clothing they will lose hit points at the rate of 1 each five rounds.

Two bodies are lying on metal slabs. The first body is a huge green-skinned man covered with scars. The second is a woman. Their faces cannot be seen since their heads are enclosed in metal boxes.

The metal boxes have white circles painted on their tops, holding the words "Place brain here". If a brain is placed on the circle, it will descend into the box and the brain will be transferred into the body. The metal box will then raise to reveal the faces of the newly animated people.

The green-skinned man has a huge, squarish forehead and bolts protruding from his neck. The woman has a black beehive hairdo with white streaks. They will have the brain and intelligence of the person that was transferred but have other statistics as a flesh golem:

Newly Created Lifeforms (AC 9; MV 8”; HD 9; hp 40 each; #AT 2; D 2-16/2-16; SD Magic weapons to hit; immunity to most spells; XP 2380 each)

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