Thursday, May 24, 2018


134 BADMINTON COURT. The ground is made of fake grass and a net has been set up in the middle of the room. The ceiling is twenty feet high. Two teams of four laughing Triskelions are playing a game of badminton with a pale green ioun stone. The last vat man sits on a tall white chair and is acting as the referee. He is constantly calling out new rules such as "All players must dance on one leg". Despite this the vat men seem insanely good at playing badminton.

9 Laughing Triskelions (AC 6 (8); MV 12"; HD 3; hp 14 each; #AT 1; D Long sword X4, broad sword X2, short sword X2, bastard sword X1; SA Berserk, never surprise; XP 77 each)

There are extra rackets available if the adventurers want to challenge the vat men to a game. They would be willing to give away the ioun stone if they are beaten, but the adventurers must put up some collateral of equal value.

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