Tuesday, May 22, 2018


132 FLOODED ROOM. The door to this room is a metal hatch. The room is sunken to ten feet with steps leading down into water which reaches abut a foot below the level of the bottom of the doors. The water is murky and it holds an eight armed vat creature. The walls are decorated with painted musical scores and notes.

Vat Monster (AC 7; MV 3”//12”; HD 8; hp 36; #AT 6 tentacles; D 1-6 (X 6); SA Constriction; XP 910)

The creature lurks under the water waiting for people to wade in or fly overhead. It will grab, being able to constrict as a giant octopus. It looks like the head of a Triskelion vat man with eight rubbery arms ending in hands.

The creature has been trained to allow anyone to pass who plays the music from the music box from Room 135.

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