Monday, December 11, 2017


33WWW STUDY. The writing desk in this room holds a pamphlet "Lichdom is a Lie" written by H. Hollow. In it the author posits that when a powerful spellcaster gives up life to become a lich, they really have their souls stolen and the newly created lich body is occupied by an evil spirit from the netherworlds. It offers 666 non-persuasive arguments to back up the claim. The work also has a section on speaking to zombies but it is unfinished.

If any person studies the pamphlet for a month, they will be able to speak with zombies (have them not attack you) if they roll a 1-3 on a d6.

The pamphlet is worth 50 gold crescents to a collector of obscure writings such as a sage, or 75 gold crescents to an evil priest.


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  2. Fuck, the spambots found this place too ?

    But that aside the notion of zombie whisperer appeals to me a lot.

    Groaning Spirit

  3. Yes, it must have been the word 'spirit' that caused the weird spam. I hope they aren't looking to bring a lover back from the grave, though.