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33OOOO SISTER'S ROOM. The door to this room is made of stone and etched with the words "Sister's Room". The door is heavy, but will open with normal effort.

Upon a stone bed and under a dome of glass is Hinny Hollow. She is in a state like feign death placed upon her by an enemy to the Hollows many many years ago, but will wake up if kissed by her true love. Essentially, anyone willing to make the effort qualifies as her true love. Alternately, the adventurers can just steal her golden tiara (400 gold crescents) and magic rose (see below).

Hinny Hollow, Neutral female human Magic-User (AC 7; MV 12”; MU4; hp 14; #AT 1; D By weapon type +1 due to strength; SA Spell use; S 17, I 15, W 9, D 17, C 15, Ch 5 (19); XP 235)

First Level Magic user Spells:
Magic Missile, Mending, Write

Second Level Magic User Spells:
Detect Evil, Wizard Lock

In addition to the curse that put her to sleep, Hinny is under a powerful enchantment. She normally appears as a middle-aged woman with an unfortunate horse-like face, an annoying laugh, and poor table manners. Once per day, she can reveal her true form, that of a charming and stunningly beautiful woman, thus her charisma score of 19. This state last up to an hour, but is cut short if she is placed under stress that will break her concentration, such as casting a spell or engaging in combat. It might be possible to break this enchantment, by a quest invented by the DM to achieve this effect, if desired.

She holds a magic rose in full bloom, though its stem is cut. With it she and only she may cast a charm monster spell once a day. The spells listed are those she has memorized, though her spell book is lost.

Hinny's memory is badly damaged due to the effects of the sleeping curse placed upon her. She can not recall the circumstances of her being placed here.

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