Monday, December 18, 2017


33DDDD YELLOW WALLPAPER. Hideous yellow wallpaper covers the walls of this room, including the doors and windows, so that entry requires tearing the paper.

A woman of middle years is sitting at a desk, pen in hand and dressed in a yellow gown but not moving. The room is otherwise furnished as a bedroom. All of the decor (bedclothes, dressers, etc.) are in putrid yellow colors.

The woman is just a husk of parchment-thin skin, her muscles, organs, bones, and nerves long a go having been absorbed into the cursed wallpaper of this forsaken room. She was the bride of Harlan Hollow. Harlan, who did not indulge in the lusts usual to humanity but rather darker ones, had her shut up in this room. She died of madness and ennui and has since haunted the room as a lump of flesh, bone, and brain under the wallpaper.

The pattern of the wallpaper is sprinkled with browns and it is stained in various areas, adding to its ugliness. If the pattern is examined closely, the details show animals and humans being subjected to cruel tortures. The lump that compromises the body of the restless dead starts out near the ceiling, but can move wetly at a speed of 3" along the walls, leaving a trail of brown behind it that quickly dries to just another stain.

Yellow Wallpaper, Restless Dead (AC 6; MV See above; HD 8; hp 37; #AT See below; D 1d4; SA Hopelessness; SD See below; XP 1295)

The wallpaper is quiescent, and will not attack unless the body or the writing desk are disturbed. Its physical attacks consist of pseudopods of plaster and paper that extend from the wall, doing 1d4 damage each. It will make one pseudopod per character in the party per round and it can reach anywhere in the room.

One per round the lump can channel its despair into a special attack at one random character. This radiates hopelessness and the target must save vs spells or be unable to move for 1d3 rounds as they are overcome by anguish.

The restless dead is immune to mind-affecting spells and cold like undead are. Fire does double damage. The lump of flesh and bone only can be damaged. It represents the 37 hit points of the dead thing. If it is destroyed the room will be powerless until it ensnares another abandoned soul. Attacking the wallpaper does no good, as it regenerates as fast as it is damaged.

If the lump is destroyed, the husk of skin of the woman will turn to dust. The pen the woman holds is made of gold and worth 40 gold crescents. It has a trick and can fire a dart when a certain button is pressed. Treat the dart as thrown by hand for damage, to hit, and range values. Within the desk is a fine wooden case (worth 50 gold crescents) holding her dowry: 5000 gold crescents, incense of meditation in a ruby colored crystal flask (20 gold crescents value), a necklace of prayer beads, and a magic-user scroll with detect evil, dispel magic, and protection from evil, 10' radius.

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