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33SSS OTHER DIMENSIONAL PRISON. The door to this room can be opened with the three keys. Beyond is a white barrier and passage to another dimension besides the one from Rooms 33PPP to 33 RRR. It is a one way passage.

This room is cubic, with many windows. Two thrones face the door and seated on the thrones are Hender and Harlow Hollow.

Outside the windows the sky is blue, but the room appears to be tumbling, although characters are stuck to the floor as though gravity was acting normally. Outside there are numerous other falling cube-rooms and in the distance huge spherical planets and moons. The apparent tumbling motion makes observers nauseous. The whole scene is quite chaotic with other cube-rooms passing within a few feet of Room 33SSS on occasion, but collisions never seem to occur. These other cubes are other prisons and if explored will contain all sorts of monstrous inhabitants.

The occupants of the seats wear platinum crowns, otherwise they are dressed as the appear in their portraits in Room 33J. The crowns are magicked to enchant the two into slumber, and if removed they will wake up. The crowns radiate magic but their sleep-inducing magic is limited only to Hender and his wife, being specifically tailored to their ruin. Each is worth 12500 gld crescents, but if sold as a pair, they will fetch 30000 gold crescents.

Hender Hollow, Chaotic Neutral male human Fighter (AC 8; MV 12"; F17; hp 74; #AT 2; D Dagger; S 15, I 17, W 8, D 16, C 16, Ch 17; XP 4850)

Harlow Hollow, Neutral female human Magic-user (AC 7; MV 12"; MU19; hp 44; #AT 1; D Dagger; S 12; I 18; W 17; D 17; C 11; Ch 18; XP 7820)

Bolded spells are those for which Harlow has no material spells components

Burning Hands, Charm Person, Detect Magic, Magic Missile, Ventriloquism

Detect Invisibility, Forget, Knock, Mirror Image, Web

Blink, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Haste, Phantasmal Force

Charm Monster, Fear, Fumble, Polymorph Self, Remove Curse

Cloudkill, Distance Distortion, Feeblemind, Teleport, Wall of Force

Disintegrate, Globe of Invulnerability, Otiluke's Freezing Sphere

Limited wish, Power Word, Stun, Vanish

Maze, Otto's Irrestistable Dance, Polymorph Any Object

Time Stop

Hender and Harlow were tricked by Fedele triskelion into wearing the cursed crowns, thinking they were a gift from another. Fedele was a rival for Harlow's affections and when she married Hender he plotted to imprison them. He has his minions, the three guardians from Rooms 33PPP to 33RRR take them to this prison dimension and guard over them. Because of this, Harlow has no spell components with her.

If rescued, Hender and Harlow will be grateful and Hender will clap his hands three times , summoning his minion, who he will address as "Cousin Harvey". Hender and Harlow are not evil, but they are obsessed with themselves and with each other and are not likely to return to Hollow House for a good long time, preferring to go on a vacation.

Cousin Harvey (AC -7; MV 54"; HD 17; hp 122; #AT 1 huge fist; D 5-50; SA See below; SD See below; XP 9150)

Harvey is a other-dimensional creature that is loyal to the Hollow family. He has the appearance of a very old wrinkled man, except he is twelve feet tall and very stout. He has the abilities of a djinn and can also use teleport with error as often as he likes.

The adventurers are free to keep the crowns and Harvey will also give them each 1000 gold crescents from a bag of holding he has. He will also give 100 gold crescents as funeral expenses for each party member killed in Rooms 33PPP to 33RRR. Harvey will take the adventurers anywhere they would like to go.

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