Tuesday, July 18, 2017


26F SUPPLY HUT. The tree gnomes keep the following their food, craft, and trade items. The food consists of honey, nuts, and dried fruit sufficient for the entire village for one season. The craft goods including baskets, boxes, and an especially large supply of strong rope. There is also modest amounts of tree gnome-sized clothing and decorative trinkets made from bird feathers.

The tree gnomes have a small supply of useful items they may share with the party, should they prove friendly and show their worth by defeating menaces in the Grounds. These items are of no use to the gnomes, but may prove valuable to the party:

A large shield +1 decorated with the white legs on black field Triskelion design
On set of man-sized splint mail +2
A labeled potion of levitation (green with purple flecks, bitter, smells of burnt toast)

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