Sunday, July 9, 2017


25S WATER HAZARD. This course has a river running through it. A handy rope bridge spans the river but a giant octopus lurks below, waiting to pick off bridge travelers.

Giant Octopus (AC 7; MV 3”//12”; HD 8; hp 32; #AT 6 tentacles and 1 beak; D 1-4 (X 6)/2-12; SA Constriction; SD Ink in retreat; XP 870)

The octopus cannot attack with its beak unless its prey is in the water with it. In addition to the 32 hit points of the octopus, each tentacle can take 8 hit points before being severed. If three of its tentacles are severed, there is a 90% chance the octopus will retreat, blowing black ink to cover itself. However, if the giant octopus is killed it will vaporize into a cloud of black smoke and a gold talisman with the icon of an octopus will appear at the end of the bridge. The talisman is worth 900 gold crescents and any person who holds it will have a +2 bonus on to hit and damage against molluscs.

The teleporter leads to 25T.

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