Sunday, July 2, 2017


25L DOUBLE TROUBLE. The door leading to Room 25K is labeled “Break Room” from this side. At first this appears to be a rather simple course with a teleporter hole at the far end, 70 feet from the door. However the hole is really a chute to a second course and there is a ledge/ dropoff along the last twenty feet of the course. The true teleporter hole is on this lower course, forty feet below the upper course.

Complicating this are two ankhegs, which can burrow between the courses.

2 Ankheg (AC Overall 2, Underside 4; MV 12” (6”); HD 4; hp 17, 19; #AT 1 bite; D 3-18 (+ 1-4); SA Squirt acid for 8-32; XP 153, 161)

Each ankheg wears a jewelled collar. The 17 hit point ankheg's collar is made of silver and garnets and worth 700 gold crescents. The 19 hit point ankheg's collar is a ring of burrowing. When removed from the ankheg it will shrink to fit any finger.

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