Monday, July 10, 2017


25T A GIANT FEAST. The teleporter from 25S expels the characters from a hole that looks suspiciously like a mouse hole. They find themselves o giant table loaded with condiments, utensils, and foodstuffs.

They are actually on a giant wooden table. A giant family is sitting down for dinner. The characters must traverse the table and find the teleporter on the other side.

The table is 1000 feet long. Each giant is one hundred times larger than a person. There are four diners, each of which has a zone of the table. Because the huge room is fairly dark and the only light sources are lamps on the table, the adventurers will not be able to make out the features of the giants. The will only see their hands as they reach for their food.

The first zone is the giant papa. He will not notice any adventurers as he is enjoying his pipe. He will breathe smoke on the first 250 feet of the table. Each round, every person in this 250 feet must save vs dragon breath or take 1 hit point of smoke inhalation damage.

The next 250 foot zone belongs to the giant mama, who will scream when she sees an adventurer enter her zone. This high pitched wail is a one-time attack only and will affect all adventurers. This sound causes weakness a save is made against paralyzation. Furthermore, the first adventurer or adventurers in the zone must save vs paralyzation again or be deafened. Both effects last for from 2-12 melee rounds. Those weak from fear from the sound lose 50% of their strength; deafened creatures cannot hear any sound and will strike at -1 on their attack dice due to disorientation.

The next 250 foot zone belongs to the giants' son. He will shoot spitballs at adventurers. He can attack once per round and spitballs do 1d4 damage. He strikes as a 4 HD monster only.

The final 250 feet is the part of the table used by the giants' daughter. Once per round, she will try and snatch and adventurer to keep as a pet. She attacks as a 4 HD monster and must make a “to hit” roll. Characters caught may make a saving throw vs petrification to attempt to wriggle out of her grip or they can attack her hand. Her hand's armor class is 7 and if she takes 10 points of damage she will drop the character and go run crying to her room. If adventurers wriggle free or are dropped they will fall 1d4 X 10 feet. If she succeeds in taking an adventurer they are imprisoned in a giant cage, their fate to be decided by the Dungeon Master.

On the table there are four huge silver tea spoons. Each weighs 1000 gp weight and is worth 8000 gold crescents if they can somehow be carried off.

The giants other than the daughter will be content to allow adventurers to leave by the teleporter. If the adventurers should decide to fight the giants (not advisable), consider each giant as having hit points in the 1000s and an armor class of 7 due to thick skin on exposed parts of the body. Clothing will have an armor class of 0. The mother and father attack as 16+ HD creatures. Any hit made by a giant in anger is fatal unless the character rolls a 00 on d%, in which case they will have 1 hit point left.

Of course characters can also attempt to climb down a table leg or something. It is three hundred and fifty feet to the floor. They will now be stuck in a world populated by six hundred foot tall giants.


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