Sunday, January 8, 2017


8O KITCHEN. This small kitchen served Scaramouche's needs while he was still alive. It is equipped as a functional kitchen with hot and cold running water and there are still some non-perishable supplies here (tea, sugar, salt).

This is also a small laboratory where Scaramouche brews draughts of dreath. Scaramouche has 4 doses of the magic draught here with him. If Scaramouche brews draughts for the party they must supply him with more ingredients. The draught of dreath formula includes the following items:

2 drams of absinthe
Wool of bat
Blind worm's spittle
1 rotten apple
A crushed gem (greater than 400 gold piece value)
A pinch of earth from the grave of a convicted murderer
A sliver of bone from an animated skeleton

Must be prepared by a dead person. Mix well, boil in a black iron cauldron for six hours, adding rum to taste.

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