Wednesday, January 4, 2017


8K CONVEYOR BELT TRAP. This corridor is pleasantly warm and dry.

The inside of each door is decorated with a metal one-eyed crying Triskelion face, about four feet high and three feet wide. The floor is made of metal bands of regular size each about a foot wide, reaching from wall to wall. At the areas marked by a gray band there are pressure plates on the floor that will activate a trap. The trap will not spring until the second pressure plate is touched, and this will, of course, depend on the direction the party is traveling.

When the trap springs, the floor will reveal itself to be a conveyor belt that moves at 6”. This is actually two conveyor belts, neatly dividing the hallway and moving objects towards the center of the hallway at a 6” rate. Both doors will auto-lock.

Shortly after the conveyor belt begins, about 6 segments or so, six cords will descend from the ceiling. In addition, a wall of fire, similar to the magic user spell, will form at the exact center of the room. The wall of fire will affect both sides of the conveyor belt and does 2d6 damage to those passing through it, 2d4 damage to those in 5' and 1d4 damage to those in 10'.

Three of the cords will be ten feet from the north door and the other three will be ten feet from the south door. These cords resemble pull switches for a ceiling fan and each has a metal fob. One fob near each door looks like one-eyed crying Triskelion, one is green, and the last is red.

Pulling the one-eyed crying Triskelion fob will cause the face in the door to shoot a dart trap as if a 4th level thief aimed at the nearest person to the door. Pulling the green fob speeds the conveyors up by 3”. Pulling the red fob slows the conveyors by 3”. Each fob may be pulled as many times as desired, the effects being cumulative.

When the doors are unlocked, the corridor will turn itself off and will remain inactive for between 1 and 4 hours.

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