Friday, January 27, 2017


10D TEST OF GREED. An old man sits behind a desk in the center of the room. He looks just like the old man from Room 10A. No doors except the red door are present when the room is first entered.

Sacks of coins are sitting in front of the old man. He will offer sacks of gold if the participants give up the trial of the tower. The number of gold crescents will be 1000 X the level of the highest level character among the participants. Each participant will receive that amount. The old man is not corporeal, being only a programmed magical effect, and cannot be attacked normally.

If the participants agree to take the gold or just grab it, a green door will appear behind the old man. It leads to Room 10A.

If the participants refuse the gold, the old man will turn into a purple being that looks like the other tests. A purple door will appear that leads to Room 10E.

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