Friday, July 8, 2016


139 MASSIVE CHASM. The stairs in the corridor go down about ten feet. The corridor terminates rather abruptly in a tremendously large cavern. 

Area 139 is a ledge overlooking a very deep chasm whose bottom cannot be seen. A staircase of worked stone leads down to the south. It goes down about ten feet to Area 14 of Level 3A Salt Mere. 

The ceiling is twenty to thirty feet above, but there are also huge stalactites hanging down. The chasm extends to the east for several hundred feet and it is very dark, so the opposite side will not be immediately visible. This whole cavern lies under the lake that the River Aisling runs into (see Outer Ward Ground Level Area 68). The water dripping through the rock below the lake causes the enormous stalactites.

Characters will magical visual aid may be able to see the waterfall at Area 154 or the rope bridge which crosses from east to west several hundred feet down at Level 6.

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