Sunday, July 24, 2016


152 OGRES' POT LUCK. Three hideous ogre crones are brewing an unsavory stew in a huge black kettle.

Magro, Nonna, and Sporcizia (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 5-25 (4d6+1) hit points ; hp 12, 13, 15; #AT 1; D By weapon type +2 to damage due to strength; SA Bestow curse; XP 190, 195, 205)

If the ogresses are attacked they will call Jiovany from Room 153. Each has a quarterstaff they are using as stirrers. Each can cast a variant of bestow curse once per day. The curse will last for 4 turns. The curse will lower one random ability score of the recipient to 3 50% of the time, reduce to hit and saving throws by -4 25% of the time, or stun 25% of the time. Range is within earshot. Saving throw negates.

The stew smells awful but anyone who drinks some will have an 18/00 strength for 1d6+6 hours. It will not do anything for those whose strength is already 18/00 or higher. They are willing to sell a taste to passers-by at the cost of 20 gold crescents per drinker. The stew will go bad after a few hours, if left unattended.

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