Monday, July 11, 2016


142 CELL OF SAINT PHAEDRUS. This room is not lit, except by its remarkable inhabitant, a thin humanoid who gives off golden illumination, as if his skin was on fire.

Saint Phaedrus (AC 0; MV 12”; HD 10; hp 60; #AT 1 PURE ENERGY; D 1-10; SD Magic weapon to hit; MR 90%; XP 3240)

  • Immune to mind affecting spells such as sleep, charm, or hold and it cannot be harmed by fire, electricity, or positive energy.
  • Neutral good alignment.
  • Can use PURE ENERGY to Heal each party member.
  • Will gift each party member a glowing bit of PURE ENERGY.

He was a ordinary human of great piety. As he aged, angels descended to replace his failing body parts with golden PURE ENERGY. Now he is almost entirely PURE ENERGY. He can use it to attack, but won't unless attacked first.

The PURE ENERGY he gives to the party looks like glowing golden marbles. It can be used to do one, then it will dissipate.
  • Heal
  • Remove Curse
  • Cure Disease
  • Cure Blindness
  • Remove insanity, deafness, or any other one affliction not covered above, that the DM rules is ok.

Saint Phaedrus will leave the room and appear dissolve into golden dust as he is called to the divine.

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